Back To The Basics

Posted by Morningside Chiro

With the Comrades marathon a not so distant memory, runners are almost getting back into the swing of things again prepping for the up and coming Knysna and Soweto marathons.

A few things to remember before the hard grafting starts again:

1.  Your body will be tired and fatigued after Comrades, so plan your mileage process
2.  Make sure you supplement your body and mind with the right nutrition and enough
3.  And last but certainly not least - see your Sports Chiropractor regularly to get your
     spine, biomechanics and firing patterns functioning optimally during this building

Now all you need to do is put on your running shoes and get going...

It is important to take care of your body in all possible aspects.  Running is hard on the joints and tissues of the body and the last thing you need is a lingering injury getting in the way of your prep.  Running can cause all kinds of biomechanical problems leading to muscular imbalances and even leg-length discrepancies.  

One example of this is a lack of hamstring flexibility, due to abnormal mechanics, that can have an indirect effect on shock absorption while running causing back pain (See article in the link).

New goals are on the horizon, so make sure you do everything in your capacity, with the help of your Sports Chiropractor, to reach these goals without having to deal with unnecessary stumbling blocks. - Bernadette Coston