Chirosport SA at the ABSA Cape Epic 2017.

Posted by Morningside Chiro

Dr Jaidan Mays from Morningside Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centre based in Sandton, will be leading the team of Sports Chiropractors who have been selected to take care of this year's ABSA Cape Epic riders. Dr Mays and his team have been working at the ABSA training camps and have been offering the riders some sage advice. Over the next week as a build up to the 2017 race on 19 March, we’ll be bringing you a couple of his useful tips….

There is a growing demand for chiropractic care among professional athletes. The evidence-based, hands-on chiropractic approach utilizes a variety of techniques, including spinal manipulation, to help restore functionality of the spine and nervous system to ensure optimal well-being, and inevitably fuel competitive athletic performance. An incredible story close to home is that of the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team Chiropractor Dr Lawrence Van Lingen who works with triple World Down Hill Mountain Bike Champion Greg Minnaar. He kept Greg on the bike and in peak performance.

This growing trend towards chiropractic care for management and prevention of injury is changing the sporting world and pushing the boundaries of human athletic performance. So you are injury free at the moment, but have you considered that in a 100km mtb race, a standard 29'er wheel will turn 40000 times? Considering that gearing is involved the range of revolutions needed to complete the race is still significant. Imagine now if your chief muscles needed for cycling do not work efficiently and others climb on the band wagon. Eventually over thousands of revolutions, tissues like the ITB, knee ligaments, glute tendons and so many more become overloaded and create the common injuries we see in competitive cycling.

Whichever weapon you have chosen to tackle the rugged trails of the Absa Cape Epic, it is vital that your bike is serviced, lubed and calibrated to harness all the power you put down through the pedals. With your bike in peak condition, wondered if you are too? The mountain bike is a curious vehicle, it's passenger is the engine. An engine that should be firing on all cylinders. Our focus as sports chiropractors is to identify signs of overload and weakness before you do so that apart from traumatic injury, we will keep you pedalling at max wattage in the most efficient way possible. So when should one see a chiropractor? The sooner the better, this allows for time to rectify any pre-existing conditions and get you in peak condition.

Just as Greg Le Mond said, "It never gets easier, you just go faster.”