Samantha Harrington

Samantha is extremely passionate about sport and human physiology, researching new and upto date alternative ways to treat injury, disease and illness and combining this with 10 years’ experience both locally and internationally in the competitive triathlon circle aims to bring her clients a professional and none inventive way to treat and manage pain in all areas of the body.

After studying a degree and practicing as an Interior Architect and realising her passion lay more with the sport industry and human physiology she completed a coaching science diploma and various courses to further her knowledge and passion. She continues to attend a variety of other courses and lectures to keep upto date with the latest treatment methods. After being introduced to the Bioflex Laser System by Dr Simon Lawson and realising the potential and gap in the market for a none invasive and pain free way of addressing injuries, improving healing and reducing pain associated with injury and disease pathways. By attending the Bioflex international training course held in Cape Town, Samantha obtained her certificate to safely and competently apply low level laser therapy as a registered Bioflex practitioner.

Samantha is passionate about helping people achieve a healthy body and mind through the correct treatment and lifestyle.